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Machine for orbital-horizontal stretch wrapping

ORTOpak OW 400/700/1000


The fully-automated orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machine is designed and engineered for heavy loads that need a strong wrap force like door, motor, profile, wooden panel. With 2 films for faster and better pack.

1. With a strong ring and 2 films, PLC& touch screen closed in comtrol box for better protecting,  two gravity conveyor or durable motor conveyor system. 
2. PLC controling all parametrs from machine. 
3. Indicators for any troubleshooting and photo-eyed monitoring system. 
4. Pracical and easy to control film tension with constant tension. 
5. It has automatic film cutting and feeding where the width of film can be adjusted. 
6. For packaging of large products, a film storage box is also available. 
7. Ease and safety feeding and taking out of film roll. Machine is under sfety mod when chancing the films.
8. Automatic pneumatic control of cutting film and automatic start. 
9. Speed of ring is adjustable by inverters. 
10. The operation of the machine is easy and safe. 
11. Speed of conveyor is adjustable. 

Technical data OW400:
Object length: >2000mm 
Object outer packing diameter: 400-400mm, 700x700mm 900x900mm, max 1200x1200mm
Object weight: 10-1.500kg
Infeed/outfeed motorized conveyor length: 700mm (Length can be extended as per needs.)
Ring speed: 10-60 r/min
Power output: 1.1kw
Power voltage: 220V, 3phase, 50HZ 
Packing material: LLDPE stretch film/PVC/PE 


Film dimension ...

                              width up to 250 mm,

                              thickness 17 – 50 my

                              core diameter 76 mm,

                              max external film diameter 260 mm.

machine for horizontal stretch wrpping
machine for obital - horizontal stretch wrapping
Hoizontal stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapping machine
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