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Top label machine

labeling machines


The modular system for easy positioning on transport systems





The Conveyor speed up to              50 m / min

Label width up to                             150mm (optional larger widths)

Application accuracy                       +/- 1mm

Power supply                                   230 V / 50Hz / 0.4 kW



The position of label application can be:

From the top, from the bottom or from the side.

Customized for bar code number application

Labeling of round products.

Synchronize with existing lines.

Adjusting the angle and height of the label.

PLC operation control.

Stepper motor drive, application accuracy +/- 1mm.

Automatic synchronization of the speed of the conveyor belt and the label.

Easy adjustment via control panel.

Made according to CE standards.

Possibility of adapting the conveyor and additional equipment.

Made of high quality aluminum according to food contact standards

Optional stainless acid steel equipment.




Optional options:


Place the printer on the applicator

Conveyor with two applicators

Pneumatic label application

Complete construction according to food packaging standards

Pneumatic accessories for frontal labeling

Applying labels to irregular shapes

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